The Importance of the Oil Change

Oil ChangeIt may be that time again to take your car in for that necessary oil change for your car. While many know when their cars are scheduled to come in, quite a handful of those have no idea about the procedures that take place during the visit.

Our Denton TX mechanics fully understand the misconception, and we want you to be educated for your next and future oil change services. We want you to know that all of your questions are welcomed – and will be answered – by trained professionals.

Many drivers only know that the oil comes in a plastic container. Some don’t know that without proper amounts of oil, your car’s engine can lock, which could mean the demise of your car as you know it. Others do not realize that oil changes help remove particles and contaminants that could harm your system overall.

Take an actual glance at the oil, and learn what its purpose is. In checking to see if your oil is low, find your car’s dipstick and wipe it off, then reinsert it. A line on the dipstick will determine if your oil is low. If the oil is really dark, that also is a tell-tale sign for a change. This, in addition, can help in saving you lots of money down the road.

Let our Denton automobile technicians service your car and answer all of your questions. Call our Denton TX auto shop today, or visit us online for information.

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