Car Care for the Summer Months

To keep yourself from ending up on the side of the road while on vacation or running the kids around town, take note of some simple precautions to enhance your summer driving experience. Spenser’s Automotive, your Denton car care specialists can help get your summer car maintenance in order.

The pressure in your tires can change when the summer temperatures hit.  Check for under-inflated tires that bulge out or over-inflated tires that do not hug the ground.  A penny test can also be performed on your tires to check their tread.  If you can see Lincoln’s head when you stick a penny in the tread, you will want to come see your Denton TX tire specialists soon.

Do a quick check of the coolant and radiator fluid levels. The summer months will inevitably raise the normal temperature of your vehicle and put pressure on your cars cooling system to perform.  Schedule an appointment with your Denton TX oil change specialist to make sure your fluid levels are high.

Before driving around in the summer heat, always check your automobile’s air conditioning system. If you’re A/C unit is having trouble sustaining cooler temperatures, your car may be leaking a low level refrigerant. Checking for leaks is best handled by your Denton air conditioning repair experts, Spenser’s Automotive.

Other scheduled maintenance action items for the summer include checking your hoses, belts, brakes, air filter, windshield wipers and car battery. For all your summer car care needs, schedule an appointment with Spenser’s Automotive, your Denton TX car service specialists.

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