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  2. The Importance of the Oil Change — April 29, 2011
  3. Proper Wheel Alignment & Suspension — April 12, 2011
  4. Checking the Spare Tire — March 31, 2011
  5. ‘Penny Test’ Checks Tire Tread — March 17, 2011

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Car Care for the Summer Months

Summer Care Care | Spenser's Automotive Denton TX

To keep yourself from ending up on the side of the road while on vacation or running the kids around town, take note of some simple precautions to enhance your summer driving experience. Spenser’s Automotive, your Denton car care specialists can help get your summer car maintenance in order. The pressure in your tires can …

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The Importance of the Oil Change

Oil Change

It may be that time again to take your car in for that necessary oil change for your car. While many know when their cars are scheduled to come in, quite a handful of those have no idea about the procedures that take place during the visit. Our Denton TX mechanics fully understand the misconception, …

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Proper Wheel Alignment & Suspension

Wheel Alignment

Our Denton TX mechanics are among the best in the business when it comes to keeping your car or truck in the best shape possible. We know how important it is for your automobile to operate under peak performance, and proper wheel alignment plays a heavy role in your automobile’s effectiveness. Proper wheel alignment and …

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Checking the Spare Tire

Spare Tire

Many families are preparing for spring trips around this time. Some college students are even preparing for Spring Break excursions. This means more people will be preparing for upcoming road trips with last-minute car washes, fluid checks and other quick tests to ensure automobiles are in excellent condition. When checking the tires, it’s a must …

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‘Penny Test’ Checks Tire Tread

Penny Test

It’s amazing how one cent so important to a car. While it may not sound much, the responsibility of one penny goes far beyond its currency value. The “penny test” is a sure-fire way to determine how much life your current set of tires have remaining. Once considered something of a myth, the penny test …

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For Driveway Leaks, Check the Color

Oil Fluid Leak

A stain on the driveway can be something as significant as dirt on the ground. It also can be something as major as the first sign of complete automobile failure. It is important to know the stains you see leaking from your car and onto your driveway. Most stains and their importance are determined by …

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Managing the Timing Belt

Timing Belt

At Spensers Quality Automotive, we are committed to keeping your car in excellent shape for as long as possible. In keeping a car at better than face value, it’s imperative to make sure your timing belt receives all necessary maintenance and attention. The timing belt, often called the cam belt, connects your car’s crankshaft to …

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Driving on the Icy Roads

Driving on Icy Roads

The north Texas area has had its share of ice and snow, which has equated into messy road conditions for us all. The icy conditions can be a major burden for your car, and there has never been a better time for you to be extremely cautious while operating your vehicle. Our Denton TX mechanics …

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Burn Cooler – Why Engines Overheat

Engine care specialists in Denton Texas

Unfortunately, an overheating engine is a common problem and, often, this is simply due to lack of care and maintenance on the vehicle in question. While you may not have to seek the expertise of a local Denton mechanic for every issue that pops up with your automobile, it is important to run routine maintenance …

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7 Ways to Winterize Your Vehicle

Denton auto repair services

When the cold weather rolls in each year, people think about winterizing their homes, their boats, and other expensive assets, but for some reason, cars don’t come to mind. However, to continue to get the best performance from your vehicle and avoid little things going wrong that could turn into major system failures, winterizing your …

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