Managing the Timing Belt

Timing BeltAt Spensers Quality Automotive, we are committed to keeping your car in excellent shape for as long as possible. In keeping a car at better than face value, it’s imperative to make sure your timing belt receives all necessary maintenance and attention.

The timing belt, often called the cam belt, connects your car’s crankshaft to its camshaft, which operates how your engine valves function. Failure of the timing belt usually involves either an unraveling of the fiber cores or a case where the belt has “stripped teeth,” where a smooth spot is left on the belt where the drive cog slips.

Timing belts, to the naked eye, are tough to inspect, and replacement is recommended by the manufacturer. Failure of the belt, in addition to costing hundreds of dollars in repair fees, can lead to engine failure.

Our certified Denton TX mechanics specialize in replacement, maintenance and proper performance of your timing belt. Contact your Denton automobile shop today, or visit us online to schedule a routine service checkup.

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