For Driveway Leaks, Check the Color

Oil Fluid LeakA stain on the driveway can be something as significant as dirt on the ground. It also can be something as major as the first sign of complete automobile failure.

It is important to know the stains you see leaking from your car and onto your driveway. Most stains and their importance are determined by the color. Our Denton TX mechanics want to make sure you know your leak stains and their colors.

The first thing you’ll want to do with any stain is put a white sheet of paper under your car where the leak is spotted. If the leak is dark in color (black or brown), chances are, you’re leaking motor oil. This is only considered a major issue if you notice large puddles.

Leaks with a red tint could mean a transmission fluid leak. Leaks with a yellow tint could mean a brake fluid leak. These are high-priority leaks, and if you see red or yellow, take your car in immediately. Both of these leaks eventually can shut down your car if left untreated.

If you see a stain and are unsure about it, it’s best to play it safe and take your automobile to our Denton TX car care specialists. Call our Denton auto repair center to schedule a maintenance appointment today, or visit us online for information.

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